Phone Advice (non-robot topic)

Since there seems to be a lot of android toting technophiles on the forum I figured this is the best place to get advice.

I have used an iPhone since the first generation through the iPhone 5. I strayed twice to android phones that just weren’t comparable in my opinion. I have always said that being open source that android phones would one day become a better choice than iPhones. Jellybean has me thinking that perhaps that day has arrived.

I have 2 lines due for an upgrade next month and I am considering either a Galaxy 4S or an HTC One. Any advice from those who are familiar with these phones? I really like the HTC One, but it seems lacking in the camera department by comparison, and I really do like the HTC Sense interface. I like many things about the Galaxy as well so it’s a tough call.

I’m not familiar with either phone so couldn’t give you a call there.

However, in terms of software I’ve had the same Android phone for some 2 years (HTC Thunderbolt) and have been very happy with it, especially after the Ice Cream Sandwich release.

I’ve got Jelly Bean running on my kindle and it’s been extremely responsive and just works well. I really can’t see iOS competing with android for much longer with this new release. Right now it’s just a reputation that keeps customers coming, not a product.

The only thing that’s “better” about iOS is that when you buy an iPhone, you’re guaranteed a decent phone. Android gets a bad rep because of all the crappy android phones out there. However, if you do some research and try the phones out in the store or with your friends I’m sure you’ll get the feel for the one you should buy. Just remember not to go too cheap.

I have only been looking at flagship models, I have no intention of skimping on something I may be stuck with for a while. I plan on keeping a 4S as a back-up in the event I cannot adjust to the new phone.