Photos/CAD of a puncher that does NOT USE A RACK AND PINION

I am in a situation where we are going to use a puncher, but we cant use a rack and pinion puncher. I couldnt find any good videos of punchers without rack and pinions, so I was hoping I could see an example here.

How about this?


This seems like it would work, but I can’t really see the inside of the puncher/kicker. Could you send a close up video of it while its moving/kicking or type a bit of an explanation? Thanks! This is my team’s first year in V5, so we can’t really understand what’s going on there with out a more in-depth explanation / video.

Maybe stick to a simpler system then. Just an intake or maybe a pushbot.


We have a brother team, so I’ll ask them. I asked here to see if I could figure it out myself. Thanks for trying to help me though!

Also, your kicker is really creative! I haven’t seen anyone use a kicker before

Something i see some china teams doing is using pnematics to release, where pistons would move the gear of the rack of the puncher.

I figured out what to do. Thanks for trying to help. If anyones curious, it will use a winch and string. the slip gear will wind it up and then release it. it works the same but you switch a rack and pinion for the winch