PIC Flashing Red Battery Light - Twitching Servos

Hello everyone,

I am having problems with my PIC microcontroller. When a modular motor is plugged in, the code downloads and runs well.

However, when I 1) swap that modular motor for a servo motor


  1. add a servo motor into the code to run with the modular motor

The motor(s) begin to twitch and a red light flashes in the battery LED section. I’m also unable to download the code and get an error message saying “cannot change robot baud rate” or “can not communicate with microcontroller”. I’ve been stuck on this issue for a while. I don’t think it is the micro controller because I used a second one, and it has continued to do the same thing. I have also re-downloaded the master firmware and it briefly worked, but then it went back to not working.

Thanks for the help in advance.