PIC to Joystick not linked

Downloaded a program from RobotC to a PIC controller. Have updated RobotC and updated the PIC with firmware. The PIC and Joystick are linking, (RX1) light is on, but nothing happens. We have used RobotC to program Cortex but haven’t been successful on the PIC yet. Is there some sort of firmware for the PIC joystick that needs to be downloaded like on the Cortex Joystick?

Can you post the code?

Here is my code, it’s pretty simple code, it’s something I’m missing
PIC claw radio control.c (2.53 KB)

I can’t seem to find anything wrong with the code; which version of ROBOTC is being used (this can be found under the Help -> About ROBOTC menu option)? Also, try updating the Master Firmware as well, and let us know what the results are.