PicBasic Pro Compiler V2.47


Has anyone tried to use MPLAB IDE with the PBP toolsuite for programming the Vex controller? I have three starter kits coming in for a small group of high school kids I am working with (mentoring). Also, any info on pin-outs for making up a cheater cable for in-circuit programming? I plan on opening up the cases and “probing…” :wink:

Brand new to Vex - not to PIC’s…



For In-Circuit programming, see this post


Many thanks for the link to the thread! Got the five lines id’ that I need. I will post my results when I get the kits and get them in the lab.


I’m brand new to this forum - as of tonight - but I have two starter kits coming and will be getting some more parts as well. I have PicBasicPro and have been fooling with them for a couple of years now, so this is GREAT news for me too! thanks!