Picking a team number

I understand you can have a team number automatically assigned, or choose a team number from those that are available.

Does each school building (Jr. High & High school) usually get a different team number? or is at al 1234a, and 1234b?

How did you get your number? assigned or choice?

If you picked your team number, does it have some significance for your team?

I was thinking of a 4 digit number based on… area code, school address, school phone number, town’s latitude…


Usually school buildings get different numbers and it doesn’t really matter what your number is as long it is not taken by someone else. Also if you have multiple teams at a school just put a letter behind the letters like 1111A, 1111B etc.

Hey Adam T,
I understand what your going through I’m a new Vex team that went through the process. (I’m not a new to vex, but I left my other one since It was holding me back and didn’t want their teams to win). If I were you, I would try and get a low number, since as we know the higher team number you are. People generally don’t want to help you or want you to help or even get picked. (Generally low team number = be around longer = more experience). The two lowest number when I picked mine a week ago were 266 and 265. I choose 266 ;), so If I were you I would choose 265. A good way to check if a number is available is to see if a FRC team has taken it. And if you want a 4 digit number try and pick a number that sounds good and is easy to remember. I mean think of it, We all remember numbers that are easy to remember and sound “nice”. Like 400X and 118…and 2587…that one isnt a “nice” number, but then Peter walks in and you are just like…god. Sorry I got weird there, but I hope this helps.

If your team is good, other people will come to know your number, so I wouldn’t worry about that.

I would pick something that is unique/special to you. Judges often ask about how you chose your team name or team number, so choose something that allows for a good explanation.

Our team chose our number because it was supposedly the highest temperature recorded in the state (or so I’m told). As another example, 323 chose their number to represent the verse Colossians 3:23.


When I chose my Highschool’s number my cell was called in the middle of my English class and I kept asking for video game references. As a last ditch effort I asked for 64(a stack in minecraft) as well as 8 squared. I think I got the last number under 100 left.

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A. “The higher team number you are people generally don’t want to help you or want you to help or even get picked.”

Wrong. I sincerely doubt that VEX teams are judging who they should be picking for alliances off of team numbers. They’ll be picking based on robot quality. The VEX community is also very tight-knit meaning that there should always be a few teams at tournaments willing to help with issues a new team is facing.

B. “(Generally low team number = be around longer = more experience)”

Again, wrong. Two reasons:

  1. You have chosen a low number for a new team. That directly contradicts the statement that lower numbers mean “more experience” or that teams “be around longer.”

  2. There are more than a few well established organizations with fairly high numbers in the VEX community. For example, T-VEX has been around since Clean Sweep yet our team number is 9090, much higher than your newly established “experienced” team’s number of 266.

C. “And if you want a 4 digit number try and pick a number that sounds good and is easy to remember. I mean think of it, We all remember numbers that are easy to remember and sound “nice”.”

If you have to rely on how catchy your number sounds to be chosen, chances are your robot needs some improvement. As Highwayman already stated, if your team is strong, other teams will come to recognize your number.

If these are the conceptions you’ve developed so far, then that team must’ve been holding you back quite a bit.

Just pick one that your team likes! Make it special to you, our team number 7232, spells R2D2 on a phone, we love Star Wars! Also it’s just a number teams always help and like others have said, do good and teams will know you!

Last time I checked 666 was still available. Not sure if you really want that though…

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Cameron did :wink:

In the beginning years, team numbers were restricted according to the regions.

eg. Singapore teams are all 80XX… and NZ are 29XX…

but of course, nowadays you do see teams with other number series as well. Maybe the restriction has been removed.

I forget how my teams ended up with 8888, but it does at least mean we have a favorable location for our pits usually being at the end with more room.

Higher numbers can be good in terms of your pit table. My team number 9920 almost always scores us a larger pit table at the end

In terms of space at worlds it was always very convenient to be a small number. Near teams like 24, 44, 21, 62.

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At the end with larger numbers, you have teams that don’t show up though. So you can take over their pit for even more space if one of them is next to you.

We finally registered the first set of teams for our district. 2 teams per building, 7 different buildings. 2 of the buildings will be in the VEX EDR competition, the other 5 are VEX IQ.

I mentioned to the ladies registering the teams it might be a good idea to request numbers, and gave them some ideas. It sounds like they choose to use the building street address for each school.

One school’s street address wasn’t available (8295). I don’t know what they requested for this team. I’m hoping it’s the first four digits of our area’s latitude, 4298.

It looks like we were able to get Team #457 for this school. That number is the predominate phone number prefix for this area :slight_smile:

It’s great to see this new robotics program coming together.

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My club (Vexmen) chooses our numbers with significance since we are not part of a school so we identify levels with the number. 80, 90 - middle school VRC. 81, 91 - highschool VRC. 92 - middle school VRC.

lol yup - this happened for us. Our building location is 2381 ___ ogilvie rd, and that’s how we ended up with 2381. Unfortunately - 2831 is also a pretty established team and there was a lot of confusion at the start.

You coudl also try a zip code, for us it would be 206 or 176.