Picking up stacks using a traybot

Is there a way to pick up the four tall stacks in auton without knocking over the stack while having a traybot (not dr4b-tray). I can’t rly think of anything and even if I did I don’t have a finished robot or a field at my location.

One strategy that seems to work (at least for me) is to angle the robot in front of the stack, about a tile away, and drive forward while intaking. The intake picks up the bottom cube while the other three cubes fall onto the tray as the robot drives forward. The tray has to be empty for this to work, and it this may not work depending on how your tray or intake is built.

Do u think there might be a way to get the four high stack and then pick up another stack? Idk I’m just trying to use this thread as a way to develop some ideas

Once the tray has cubes in it, you can’t really pick up another stack because picking up the first one depends on you being able to let all the cubes on top of the bottom cube fall into your tray. You can intake the rest of the cubes normally though


you could if you had a simple tray and on the simple tray you had a 2nd pair of rollers powered by one motor.

Or, you could do what I am going to try and put a second intake on the top of the tray, powered by one motor, and by lowering it all the way to the ground you can intake cubes that way. (At least in theory!)

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