PicoSwitch Radio Controlled Relay

Has anybody used the picoswitch relay listed here:


Maybe a better question is will this work with the vex controllers?

I’ve not used that device, but I’ve used a similar one with the Vex controller and it does work. I used it to control a 12 v device.

You may need to do some work to get the pins connected to the controller.

I’ve found these work great to hook “standard” servos and accessories to the VEX microcontroller.


  • Dean

And they are really inexpensive…

I use them too, as an FYI, I put a drop of super glue on them to keep them together.

Id solder wires to those pins and heatshrink the whole thing. works well minus that its kinda a tight fit on the vex controller.

Just out of curiousity, which device did you use to control a 12 v device?

I had some relays from Marlin P Jones that had transistor drivers built into them.
I wired up the cables and I was good to go.

The Picoswitches are fine and can be picked up from a number of sources.

If you want to roll your own see this drawing of a power driver designed by Dean


Hey - thanks for the props. Just so you know, there is an updated version of the drawing in the gallery here.


  • Dean