Picture in signature

This has probably already been answered, but how do you put a picture/banner in your signature? Thanks.

Same way you put them in posts.

Remove the periods.

So in between those tags you put an url, or what? Sorry I’m just not getting it.

Yes, for example url

What can I use to make a picture that I have on file into a url?
I tried google picture storage, imgur file upload, and google drive, but it just says -image- in my signature.

Edit: Dragging the picture in imgur into the search bar worked.

Imgur dropbox Google Drive. Literally any is fine.

Make sure public settings are on there so anyone can see the image. Then wherever you have your image hosted, then you can put it in the signature. Mine is on the club’s website.

Thanks for the help

I’m still stuck. Mine is saying “-image-” too. I am getting my picture from google drive. I just copied and pasted the sharing link that it generate. I made sure to turn the "anyone on the Internet can find and view"on. What am I doing wrong?

Also, is anybody having problem with BOLD?

It needs to be a link to an image, not a web page with an image preview. Even if that image was working it’s way too big for a signature. Try and keep those small, perhaps 600x100 or less.

It can be done from google drive but you have to create a permalink first, for example, here is your (way too large) image.


Seems like it is working. Thanks for the help.

I think it’s bolded, just not quite a bold as you would like. My signature has bold for the text line. I think it is 1 pixel wider or a shade darker than the letters in a non-bolded signature.