Pictures for Manipulator document

I am working on my document about Manipulators. Does anyone know of any forum pictures or other VEX design pictures/CAD drawings which would illustrate gates and/or linkage claws (descriptions below).

Gates -These are among the simplest of manipulators. They are usually a low torque application, so it could be as simple as a servo as an activator and flat stock as the pivoting structure. Gates are usually used to close off a collecting structure or platform holding game pieces or as a system to allow only one game piece at a time into a feed mechanism. The gate may be opened when game pieces enter and again when the games pieces need to exit. The game pieces can actively moved with a manipulator through the gate or with some game pieces (such as balls) they can be gravity-feed through the gate. In some cases the game pieces are dumped into the collecting structure and the gate opens to allow the pieces out.

Linkage Claw- This type of manipulator has two moving parts which pinch the manipulated object between the moving parts. The difference between this type of claw and double-sided claw is it’s activation is by a linear activator such as a pneumatic cylinder. The cylinder is attached to a cross linkage, each end of the claw is attached to the linkage. The claws are curve or angled with a hinge point in the claws’ central area. As the cylinder extends the linkage out the claw moves apart and as it retracts the claw moves together. The linear motion kit (P/N: 276-1926) could also be used as a linear activator.