Eventually i will show u pictures of this penjulum i ended up building when i tried to build a lego laucher and it has 125 times the speed and overheats motor in 10 mins.

well i built it then decided to build with battery pack and module on and it can move forward and backwards from the vibrations if its on a a counter top
in the pictures it wont have a motor cause i took it off so u could see the gearing i will post pictures hopefully tommorrow.

cool, sounds awesome, i would like some pics

:frowning: srry man i had to take it apart before i got chance to make pictures because i need it to make a tank bot that can flip over itself which i just completed yesterday at 9:00PM:D

i cant post pictures of this b/c i must wait til im at my dads tommorrow (he has digital camera)

ok, thanks

:smiley: i took the pictures!! :mad: Now i just need to find the usb cord for it

the pictures r uploaded tell me what you think the bot is something really nice though i wish i had more parts to build a way better one

i just noticed part of the standoffs and motor screws came off b/c of it flipping

Vex motor 100PRM +/- 5%
Pendulum 125:1 ratio

Total speed… 12,500 rpms?

That just insane. how many motors do you have provding the torque?

Some pictures would have been nice. i bet that gear box was extra large. i’m playing with a gear box that i got 22:1 ratio on. it’s the size of 5x5 with 1inch wide. this box is speed reduction. i’m a little worried about the extra torque it has generated. but it will be rotating a 5 pound Lazy susan platform. I’m still working on that crane i had posted. so far i can get 6 pounds which is no where where i want it to be. so was dissambled. my counter weight can hold my full body weight 230 lbs and still move around it has 8 omni wheels under it. anyway back on subject.

I’m not sure that even 4 vex motors could produce enough torque to even turn the shafts much less with a weight on it.

For a recent competition I was at I built a bot to shoot plastic practice golf balls into buckets. I ended up using a 1:20 gear ratio.(that is for every turn of the motor the final output shaft turns twenty times) In order to get that speed I had to use 4 motors on each side. The way it worked was like a pitching machine by pushing the ball through two spinning wheels. I wouldn’t let it run long because it drains a battery fast and the motor start to get warm quickly.

it was actually one vex motor and it could turn but note that it would skip gear notches a bit unless u turned it by hand to give it a little jump start

and the motor i think did its full revolution in about 4-5secs and thats about 1500-1875rpms b/c the motor didnt have much torque due to the fact that it was by itself
…it heated up in like 2 & 1/2 mins (which is the first time i overheated a motor)
also the box was composed of a couple standoffs and some 5 x 15 flatplates and 3-60 gears and 3-12 gears
and i actually noticed that when i hooked a 12 in square bar where the motor was that after turnnin it for a minute or twofor the first time i actually wore down the inside to the gear which another thing that i though could never happen