PID Checkbox in RobotC

I’ve been working with RobotC for a decade now, but am just now working on understanding PID control. There are plenty of tutorials out there and I am making my way through those.
My question is: in RobotC’s Motors and Sensors Setup there is a check box for “PID control” when you mark IME. What exactly does this do? Is there some kind of internal PID control it does on its own? I don’t see any way to adjust constants.
I’ve tried checking it on a move forward for a certain count, and it is a little better and doesn’t overshoot as much, but is not completely consistent.

I am not sure but I think it is just for a classroom setting and not competition.

There is a built in PID feauture; I do not really know how to do it though I have heard (and have experienced when making the comparison) that just writing your own is better when you are able to do it as you can variate it (add gyro/encoder straightening and limit things such as accel, velocity, and change the “spline”) and it is generally more reliable when done correctly.

If you are thinking about using it I would say just write your own.

I think this post by Jpearman explains the IME PID.

This is helpful. Setting RobotC to “Super User” lets you adjust PID.

That is good to hear. Just searching on the forum about this topic would likely yield in a lot of other results that may be useful as well since PID generally is a hot topic.