PID coding help?

Hey so iheard about many people using PID to help with auton skillls and i was wondering how to implement it into my code so that i could good auton skills. I heard about what it does but i don’t know how to implement it, if someone is willing to send me a tutorial i would be very thankful since i know nothing about this.
I have found this link very helpful but you will need to tune/tweak to your bots needs.

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if you don’t mind me asking what do you mean by tune and tweek my bots needs? I plan to use this for auton skills and for auton and driver control to make sure both sides are the exact same speed, and for auton skills to use to go to the exact position i want to go to, same with auton.

Because every robot is different, you need to change some numbers in the code to get PID to behave how you want it to. I would recommend using the search bar on the forum to find more information about what these values do and how to tune them, along with how the PID math actually works.

Ah ok, that makes a lot of sense.

Read this if you want to really understand how it works. A very useful resource.

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