PID control \ without sensors?

Hello, I was wondering if a PID control needs sensors in order for it to work. In other words, does my robot needs sensors? if it needs them which sensors are needed for the PID code.

All your robot needs to utilize PID is encoders, which the V5 motors have. Not to say that you could use PID with other sensors like the inertial sensor (a very popular choice for accurate turning) and the distance sensor.


By encoders you mean shaft encoders? or does the V5 motors have encoders inside of them (if that is the case and they have encoders inside them does that mean that I don’t need anything else besides V5 motors to use my PID code? )

This is correct. The Motors have them. You only need the v5 motors to run a pid control system.


Thank you for answering guys! :slight_smile:

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