PID for drivetrain in Vex IQ

We’ve been having trouble with our autonomous code, because sometimes the drivetrain will move slightly off course, which sets off the rest of the code. We looked into how to fix this and came across the PID loop, but we’re not sure how to use it in Vex IQ with code blocks. Also, we don’t have sensors so would it work without them and with a basic command like move 10 inches forward? We’re not completely sure how this works, so any advice will help. Also, if there’s a different solution to getting our drivetrain to be almost completely straight that would help too.

it is a difficult challenge in IQ with blocks, so I recommend using text (I highly recommend this) and fixing the drivetrain to make both sides exactly equal in friction. also, please do not use the command that makes it move X inches forward. Rotations is a lot more accurate. Or if you are feeling really ambitious degrees is very accurate

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I’ve changed it to text. Do you know how I can implement it now? Thanks

The vexU team Queen have a great video series for PID loops. I would recommend using degrees or rotations like squiddy_slapper said since that will take 1/10 of the effort with very little loss.

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