PID Looper help

I’m going to worlds soon and wanted to try out inertial stuff. People have talked about PIDs but I have no idea what they are and what they do. Any help would be good. Thanks!

Try this: What is PID? - #10 by Carter.

V5 motors have built-in PID algorithm in the firmware. You give it target position or target velocity and V5 tries to get to that position or maintain velocity. But that algorithm uses some sort of average coefficients. Also, they don’t have a way to use Inertial sensor directly.

When people talk about PID, they usually refer to implementing it themselves and tune their own coefficients for the specific robot. If they do a good job it will work more precise than the built-in algorithm and it could also use inertial sensor for turns.

Take a look at these threads:


This is my very favorite link for teaching people PID. It explains it all in very simple terms, and even gives pseudo code for easier implementation into your code. It also goes into debugging and setting up your values! Introduction to PID Controllers