PID + Odometry Open Thread

Tried it once, trying again. Open thread for basically Q & As related to PID and Odometry, important but very complicated bot tracking systems mainly used for Autonomous.

I, myself, have barely any knowledge of either except what they are. I’ll post the various resources I’ve been sent, and we can work on it together.

This is for all purposes and forms of it, and in all of the VEX versions.
(I, personally, use V5’s new C++. I don’t have access to VEX PRO, though this thread is for everyone, not just me.)

I hope this becomes a learning thread for all sorts of people. I figured I’d try it again, maybe it would be easier now with tl3…


Here’s my basic explanation

PID guide:
introduction_to_pid_controllers_ed2.pdf (400.2 KB)
Slightly old odometry guide:
pilons-position-tracking.pdf (437.5 KB)
Pure pursuit guide:
pure_pursuit-1.pdf (674.3 KB)


Some resources I’ve been given:
George GIllar’s PID Controller + Website

Odometry Guides (Step by step, supposedly won’t teach you or me much, might give good examples)
pure_pursuit-1.pdf (674.3 KB)
Uploading: pilons-position-tracking.pdf…
Purdue Odometry (Purdue Sigbots have lots of good things!)


PID Video

BIG FUNCTIONS THING VERY GOOD (Necessary for PID and Odometry)

These all seem to help, and I think everyone could use them, all in one spot. It’s also partially to remind me to check them all…

This thread could also be used for less experiences/newbie coders to learn how functions and variables work, as they are core concepts of PID and Odometry.


You’ve made a similar thread in the past, which was already answered extensively. I think the problem is that you want someone to walk through the process of reading and understanding the resources on PID and odometry alongside you, and that’s just not going to happen. Read the resources, look up the terms and concepts you don’t understand, and open your IDE and program some stuff based on what you’re reading. If you have specific questions that your reading doesn’t answer, then ask here.


This is not meant to be the same.
It was not answered or made for the same purpose.

I do not want someone to walk through or explain the process to me. It’s not just for me, unlike the other one, in no way at all. It’s to be a pool of resources for the community. I mean, I’m learning here too, but not the main point. This thread is an “open thread” as in it’s open for anyone to ask questions, get help, and maybe use some resources they haven’t seen before.

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