PID Serial Cable

How do I use a serial cable and a USB to USB cable to test a PID and get a graph?

I’m using the older pre- 2012 prolific USB cable and Robotc says I’m not connected to the robot every time I try to view the debugger windows.

You are going to have to find the drivers for the old cable. What version of windows are you running?

Windows 8

I’m running on windows 8 and already am using the correct drivers

Just to confirm, you are using version Prolific drivers right?

Yes I am.

Here’s a checklist of some pretty obvious things that you’ve already looked over but should probably double check:

-Are both the joystick and cortex on and connected?
-Are you plugging the serial cable into the programming port on the joystick?
-Are you sure that you’re using the port that you installed the drivers on?

Yes I have checked those but I am using the old serial cable would that have to do with anything?
I am using the one in the attached picture.

I understand that. I’ve been using the old serial cable until recently and the list I compiled above is what usually causes trouble with the old serial cable(for me at least).

Try reinstalling the drivers on your port of choice.

So just the clarify. When you try to download wireless using the prolific cable to the joystick it works but you can’t open the debugger?

I’m not downloading wirelessly, I have the cortex connected to the controller through a USB to USB cable and the controller connected to my computer through the prolific cable in the programming port on the controller.

Try using only the prolific cable and your vexnet keys. See if you can download a program to the robot and open the debugger from there. If not, then you probably have something wrong with your drivers.