PID Slow At End Of Drive

My team uses PD when we have the robot drive in autonomous. We decided to not use I because it can sometimes go too fast at the end of the drive. It is really accurate, but during the end of the drive, it can sometimes go too slow. We tried adjusting kP and kD, but it didn’t fix this. Has anyone ever had a similar problem?

I usually do a PD, and then PID when error is below a specific amount. So like, if the margin of error is 4 then I activate integral to help with the remaining correction to reach 0. This is very beneficial to have no integral windup as well.


? Which is it? If you are having problems with it overshooting your target, then retune. If you are not reaching your target, implement an integral term.


If too slow is the issue, then you could either activate the Integral or have a minimum speed. Min speed works well for driving routines. However, with this year’s game, you might need to have different min speeds based on the number of mogos the robot is carrying.

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You should probably use I. If it overshoots try tuning your values.

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Same team
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I would just adjust your values

Some teams on the Vex Discord server said that they don’t use I. I was wondering how much teams use it.

  • Does your PID use I?
  • We use it
  • We don’t use it
  • We use it, but modified (ran only during end, changes based on distance, etc.)

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I accidentally made the title as an option.