Pid system creation

To create a PID system, should a sensor be used? or can only with engines on v5 system

you should use sensors, however the integrated encoders on the v5 motors can be used, just dont expect it to be perfectly precise.


I think you need to provide a little more detail for your question. PID is a basic algorithm that can be applied to a variety of situations. It does require some form of feedback in the form of a sensor in order to inform the algorithm so that it can change its output.


Thank you very much, I mean when coding a PID system, do you necessarily have to use a sensor?

Some kind of sensor is necessary, yes. However this sensor can take a variety of forms. You can use the encoder integrated into the motor as your sensor, or you can use one of the many external rotation sensors as your encoder, such as the red Quadrature Encoders.


Thank you very much, do you know where I can find a file that tells me how to use the built-in encoders in v5 engines?

Which programming environment and language are you using?

I am using Vexcode PRO V5, you know how use the system encoder integrated into the motor?

The documentation listed here: should assist you. I believe you want this page: