PID/Velocity Control

I am a programmer for my team. This is my first year in vex. The experienced people have graduated and I am an only programmer. I have basically mastered all the basics, but I need help on PID/Velocity Control. My teammates want the shooter to maintain a certain speed after each shot because after each shot, we end up waiting for the shooter to return to a certain speed before shooting another ball. So, someone suggested doing PID/Velocity Control, to help maintain a certain speed on the shooter. This will allow us to not wait after each shot for the shooter to regain speed and instead just keep on shooting, almost like rapid fire. The problem is that i don’t know how to do PID/Velocity Control. Can any experienced programmers help me out pls. (By the way, I have a 6 motor double flywheel shooter).

I’m sure people will help you in this thread, but try searching the forum. A lot of threads like this have been made recently. There are a few different velocity controls. Namely PID and TBH that both have their give and take. Some teams even go with a bang bang method that can allow for quicker regain of speed loss between shots (normally expense some accuracy).

Good luck!

can u send me a link of the thread that actually works. Thnks in advance

here is a tutorial that should explain everything, sample code included, watch the video linked at beginning
for a good overview

On it ramping up, is it taking time to come down or go up in speed?

Here is some sample code with PID, if you are having a hard time fallowing it just ask :slight_smile:

its taking time to go back up to speed after each shot

thnks so much collins