Piece breaking off

We have a piece of the robot breaking off. As shown in the photo, that 4x8 is breaking off. Is there any way to strengthen it? Thanks.

run support back to the channel in the back and then run a peice up from the drive on each side and connect with standoffs

Please slow down, and clarify.


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red areas shud be supports and run a piece up from the side of your drive parallel tothe 4*8 in question to attach perpendicularly with a standoff or two

We cannot use your idea as it stops our catapult from functioning.

Can you show us more detail in order to better see what needs to be reinforced and how your catapult limits reinforcement?

Ideally any vertical riser or structure that requires strength should be directly side mounted to the chassis of the drivetrain and not top mounted like you have. See if you can find a way to side mount the riser to the chassis. If not, the other solution is to run some horizonal beams along the sides of those risers and try to find a side mounting option at the intake wall and the other riser at the right of the photo.

I hope that helps