Pieces Form RadioShack

I got my VEX Robotics system for Christmas and when my parents bought it, it was the last one that they had in stock. The problem that i now have, it that the RadioShack that i live near, no longer carries any VEX Robotics parts, and mostly all the parts i need are listed on the RadioShack website, but are only available in stores, and now none of the 4 RadioShacks in my area, carry any of the parts. :mad: Now the only place i can get those parts from, is on the VEX website, and it is all 2x the price + shipping and handling. :mad:

Are there any other legit sights that offer the same parts at a lower price.:confused:

There is some stuff available on Ebay.

I really like the VEX system, but have to agree with you, the system and many of its parts are way overpriced. It will be interesting to see how Revell and VEX handle these issues in the future.

Call the 1-800 # on the Radio Shack website and see if they can do a nationwide search for the parts that interest you, then call that store and see if they will ship to you or another RS.

Also, if you are not going to compete, and are just having fun like myself, don’t overlook your local hardware store, like Lowe’s or Home Depot.

Brain-dead hobbies seem much cheaper than the educational ones these days… sad!

[note to vex and fir$t: RELAX your silly rules… not everyone is a spoiled ingrate rich kid]

As a member of a FVC team I have to tell you how extremely inaccurate that statement is. You don’t need to spend any of your own money to buy the robotics parts. Becuase robotics is educational, a lot of companies will give you donations if you explain to them what the money will be going for. We’ve raised several thousands dollars doing this. Yes, Vex is expensive, but it is well made for the most part. If they relaxed the rules it would really really complicate things. When you say: “you can only use these specific parts from this specific place” it is much easier to enforce the rules and make sure no one is cheating.

lucky you get donations.

I do Vex as a hobby and I agree that the prices are too high.

As a hobby vex is a very expensive toy, but for FVC teams it doesn’t hurt too much if you get out and work for your donantions. Like nonother said most teams are funded by their school or sponsors. It’s the way life is.

I have discovered that meccano/erector set pieces have the same hole spacing and size and are compatible with vex bits in general. I even have gotten some nice little pull cables, like bike break cables only about 18 inches long and thinner than what’s on a bike. These are great for connecting servos.

Ray Moore aka Farldarm

the best solution is to go to ur radio shack and ask them to ship the parts from one store to theirs!

thats what I am going to do!!! :):slight_smile:

the robotics system itself is 100$ now…so u BETTER but that!!!
u will save 300-400$ in cash…if u buy the entire kit again for 100$

do this and u wont regret it!!!

-have fun

with my FRC team i have found thats parts can be extremely expensive, just today i made up an order for over $300.

I bought 5 starter kits about 2 weeks ago for $100.