Pieces to use to build the robot

Actually we 've issues with the delivery, and the competition kit we’ve ordred in july didn’t make it yet.
so I wanted to ask if it was possible to use the game elements to pick some pieces to build the robot
thank you

VEXIQ game elements are legal parts with the exception of the pucks.

great thanks a lot for the information

Just as an FYI, parts is one of the cool things about VIQ in that you get a ton of parts from the game elements to use in later seasons. All of those long blue beams from the prior games are appearing in current robots.

can we use this years game parts ?

Yes. Look at this page VEX IQ Competition Slapshot Game Manual | REC Foundation

It has links to the Legal part list and the list of parts you can’t use. If the part you want is in the legal list, go for it. All of the parts on the field, with the exception of the pucks are allowed.

Can I ask why you are asking this again? You asked 17 hours ago, got an answer and acknowledged it.

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because you were talking about old games part, just wanted to be sure that part from this years game were legal

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