Pig Dissection

Yesterday in science I got to dissect a fettle (not yet born) pig and it was pretty weird.

Here are some pictures that i took throughout the dissection.


That is only Day 1
We are finishing up the dissection tomorrow and i will post pictures tomorrow afternoon if i get a chance, but if not they will be posted as soon as i can.
Cant wait to finish the dissection!!!

What other weird things have people dissected?

wow, looks intersting, my school hasnt had us do any dissections…

Lets see…in my class we disected a shark, mudpuppy, pigion, cat, and a bull frog.


There Is Part 2


Yeah, literally every other week we are disecting something. Anatomy class is disecting a pig.

that is so cool!!!:cool:

yeah, untill you realize your cloths wreak of fermaldahide (I think I spelled that right)

“fetal”, not “fettle”
…other misspellings too numerous to enumerate…
“reek”, not “wreak”


Surprisingly…The preserative that the pig came indulged in was not fermaldahide. It was some kind of preservative, but i know that it was not that stuff, and it did not smell as bad a my brother told me fermaldahide smelt. It actually after the first 5 or so minutes didnt seem to smell anymore, it was onle the first 5 mins that u smelt it, and then it seemed jut like regular air, untill you walked out into fresh air and ere like…OMG!!

I get to dissect a frog on Thursday.

It will be fun.

Aargh! Hate to be the spelling police, but this is about chemistry, too.


Form- from formyl group (related to formic acid and formica)
Aldehyde - from a class of chemical compounds with structure C(double bond)O-H

Formaldehyde is the simplest of the aldehydes.

Engineers need to know their chemistry (and biology, too) or they design products that melt in your hand (not in your mouth) and cause cancer.

How did your frog dissection go? The most “interesting” thing I’ve ever gotten to dissect is a cadaver (I’ll let you figure out what species).

It went “ok”. Wasn’t my favorite thing to do :smiley:

We did dissect a bull frog and a cat before, but for me it was new to hear ad know that some are dissecting pig. It looks interesting.

I am SO glad Biology is over. I could not stand it… I am looking forward to doing Chemistry and Physics next year (There is actually math to do) :smiley:

I disected a:

  1. Worm
  2. Perch (This was extremely hard to disect)
  3. Crayfish
  4. Frog

Typed on an Ipod

Ughh… if you could see my high school biology class, you would not say no math is involved.

I am homeschooled, and I had to do a biology course, and it was TERRIBLE! I would have loved to do Chemistry instead, but, I had to do it to complete highschool.

What math did you have to do? I had to memorize tons upon tons of charts and anatomy’s.

I am at the YMCA right now being bored…

Typed on an Ipod

Are you seriously the equivalent of a high school senior? Or just freshman?:confused:
it is mostly chemistry stuff.

This is my first year in Highschool, so Freshman. (I am a fresh man!)

Ahh, i see. Do take summer break or no.