Piklab Error

Since I switched to Ubuntu as main OS I’ve been trying to figure out a way to program Vex on it. Right now, I’ve installed EasyC V2 with Wine. There’s a few bugs (for example, when I enter my product code I get an error message saying: “SOCX5” and then I must force quit out of the application) But if I just ignore the popup asking for my CD Key, it works perfectly.

Anyways, right now I’m attempting to use Piklab to program my Vex. I’ve created a new project, selected the C18 compiler (I also have the mcc18 compiler running flawlessly - i think - on wine) the correct microcontroller and I have all of the necessary files to start a new Vex project. But, when ever I go to compile it, the Compile Log box says this:

wine mcc18 -I/home/grant/Desktop/project/ -I -p 18f8520 -fo=main.o main.c 
MPLAB C18 v2.40 (feature limited) 
Error: unable to locate '18f8520' 
Copyright 1999-2004 Microchip Technology Inc. 
*** Exited with status: 3 *** 

Any ideas? Also, maybe some of you know how to compile a project from the terminal in Ubuntu?

I am guessing that "Error: unable to locate ‘18f8520’ " is about “locating” the Header File, or maybe PIC Libraries.

From the Command Line, you most likely need to set some Environment Variables for the Compiler…

Read the MPLAB C18 C COMPILER GETTING STARTED manual, pages 21-22 (PDF Pages 25-26).

Here is an addition reference page for MCC18 and BSD/UNIX, Vex Robotics under Unix.

Thanks MarkO. You beat me in posting, lol. I’ve gotten MPLAB working very nicely, but Piklab is still giving me some trouble. Oh well. What’s important is that I can program my Vex bots in Ubuntu. Thanks.

No need to mess around with wine. You can program the Vex using SDCC 2.7.0 or later. I’ve done a fair amount of testing on Debian-based systems.


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