Pillow Block Bearings for HS shafts

In order to use high strength shafts you either have to drill your metal, cut the shafts, or deal with the very limited number of spacing options that the special standoff spacing gives you. Having a pillow block bearing for HS shafts would solve this issue in some cases, allowing you to mount the shafts off of a piece of metal.

I think you could use one of these with some 90 degree angles bent from 1x2 bar.

This seems like a good idea for a new product, even though I have never needed them (yet…) due to my somewhat limited use of the new shafts. However I do agree that the existing options to work with the HS shafts are quite limiting.

We haven’t used the HS shafts yet either, and the limited set of options is exactly the reason why.


Attach a small c-channel three-four holes long with the high strength bearing block on it in the center. It acts a lot like the pillow block bearing then but is much bigger. Still have to cut a hole and there’s more distance to the shaft from where you want it, but it is pretty darn strong.

If you made a pillow block out of plastic like the low strength ones, would the plastic deform from a 1/4" shaft’s stress it could throw at it? That’d be a big bulk piece of plastic that might end up looking like the c-channel method.

Same technique can be used with L pieces too but that has a 2 hole long base (unless you cut it).

It would also be good for them to re-design some of the metal so that there are some holes at specific distances that would accommodate the high strength shafts. We would by some additional metal just for using the high strength shafts if it were to become available.

Ya that would be nice compared to have to wreck the metal every time you make a lift. :rolleyes:

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would be awesome if vex made new high strength motors which output about x2 more torque and speed than the current ones besides special metal and stuff