pin configuration


On the vex microcontroller, for each Analog/digital input ports, we have 3 pins that are going in. What are those 3 pins associated with starting from inside? like 5v, data, ground, something like that.

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im not sure excatly but maybe you should ask the experts, plug in a pwm cable, black is ground, red is +5V and white is signal, then line up the pin and you’ll no which one is which

or is this what your asking?


Well, you told me that I can connect pins 6-8 for digital binary communication. I’m just trying to test if bits sent as 1 and 0s from my microcontroller to vex controller will be received and actually move the motors from the vex controller. So, I got all the wiring done on my controller, but I’m not exactly where to connect wires from my controller to the vex microcontroller since they have three inputs.

Thank you.

It seems like the inner most pin is the digital line, center one being power, and the last one to be ground…

connect a wire to one signal pin to the other signal pin of the other microcontroller (signal is white) than use a digital output or input command
or instead of using wire (can be a hassle) try finding a male-male pwm cable, look at lynxmotion or robotshop

Check out the FAQ section of this forum…

The Vex Microcontroller FAQ has these links that might interest you…

I created my own connectors by using longer Pin Headers and trimming them down to Three Pins…](