Ping-Pong Ball Launcher 'Bot

Here is a little project I put together over a weekend. It launches ping-pong balls but not very well. I have used 4 VEX rubber bands doubled up and wrapped a 2 inch stand-off around it. It doesn’t launch them very well. I am open to suggestions to improve the range. I am looking to use torsion instead of contra-rotating wheels. Here is a YouTube video of it in action. I haven’t gotten my VEXnet 2.0 up and running yet. I just have a Mac Book.

hte cam seems strong enough to jsut add more rubber bands

Pneumatics would be cool if you have them, but if you don’t more rubber wouldn’t hurt. If you need to you can increase the gearing to the cam since you have plenty of reload sped. As ping pong balls aren’t very heavy, you can also increase the leverage of the piece that hits them to increase the release velocity.

Maybe try a choo-choo launcher, it can have more power/velocity.

I added more elastics and got slightly improved results. Nothing really to write about. Unfortunately I do not have pneumatics. I must say that the choo-choo launcher looks pretty sick. Are there any videos of that thing in action?

I think I am going to have to redesign the torsion setup but that won’t happen until next weekend. I am in the middle of midterms. X-(

If you look up “Build Blitz Robot Reveal- Team JVN” on YouTube, there is a video of the mechanism. If you look at about 3:05, you will see a close up of it and then can see it fire a few times throughout the video.