Pinion Inserts

If you want want a free spinning pinion, you need these,
Screenshot 2023-09-02 5.55.33 PM
but do these work?

The grey/green plastic inserts do not fit inside the metal 12T pinion gears and if you want it free spinning you will need the gold metal inserts. For any other gear both inserts work.

The grey/green insets can work they just need some prep. First of all they don’t fit so what you need to do is get a bolt/screw and put a washer/spacer then the insert, the gear, insert, washer/spacer, and lastly a nut it doesn’t really matter I usually use a keps just for ease of use. Then tighten it all and take it apart and it will have an insert.

Here is an example picture.
I didn’t feel like putting the insert on but they go in-between the washer and gear pretty obviously.

To make the free spin better I usually take a screw and a drill and put the gear on the screw and spin the screw while holding the gear until free spin is good.