**Q: Can a robot be penalized for “pinning” in autonomous mode?

**A: No, the act of pinning can only occur when the robot is under driver control.

**Q: Can you explain what the criteria for a robot to be considered pinned?

**A: The following criteria must be met for a robot to be considered pinned in Elevation.

  • The pinned robot is in contact with a field element that is not the platform.
  • The pinned robot’s movement is being inhibited by an opposing robot.
  • The pinned robot must be on the foam playing surface.

Please see rule SG4 for a full definition of pinning.

Q: Does this mean we can pin during the Driver Controlled Period as long as the robot is not under driver control?**

A: No. If the robot is pinning during the Driver Controlled Period it makes no difference whether or not the robot is being controlled by the human operators at that time. The team is liable for the robot actions and must accept consequences for them.