Just want to know the communities thought on this:

Would it be considered pinning if a robot was designed to drive over other robots and trap them inside it. this is confusing me because if the robot that was doing the trapping could easily be pushed then the trapped robot could still drive around it just wouldn’t be able to manipulate.



So long as the “trapped” robot isn’t in touching a field element, it isn’t exactly being pinned. I would, however, consider the “trapping” robot a risk for entanglement.

(Disclaimer: This is simply my interpretation of the manual.)

what is there for the “trapped” robot to tangle with? if the robot is covered with plates then the “trapped” robot shouldn’t get entangled with anything

Since you asked for opinions from the community…

From a game design perspective,

  • pinning is boring to watch and frustrating for the pinned.
  • Entanglement is similarly boring.
  • Engulfing might be fun to watch once, particularly if it uses a hoberman sphere, but otherwise is similarly boring.

Its more entertaining to watch robots tussle around each other, with some chance that a careful or lucky movement can get around a careless blocker.

Bringing a gun to a boxing match is similarly decisive, but not the intent.

I suppose it would be legal. I was told that at Nationals last year, there was a robot that could pick up another robot and hold it there. This would be similar.

However, I agree with jgraber. This strategy would not be very amusing and definitely would not be sportsmanlike, so I would not recommend it.

Not to mention that the advantage you would gain would be miniscule. While one of the opposing alliance’s robots would be incapable of scoring, your robot would also be fully occupied in keeping them that way. Basically you’d end up with a 1v1 match (between your ally and your victim’s ally) that also featured a struggling metal box in the middle of the field.

Just a side note, I have no intention of making this, was just curious of peoples opinions

I think it would be better if you designed a robot that held a big block of metal over the top of the opposing VEXnet key that way they disconnect. :slight_smile:

I think it would be amusing to watch a team try engulfing a robot with an extremely powerful lift. They’d probably lift the cage-bot up and score it on a goal.