Pins broken off in Cortex

One of our classroom Cortex was used by a group of students who broke off the motor pins in a 3 wire port. Can the cortex be opened to access those female pins and remove the male pins?

You can certainly try. Take out the batteries.

Unscrew the screws in the bottom and open it up. You will find the connector board is more accessible but not outstandingly so. Get some tweezers and see if you can get them out.

If not, you could be in for a bit of not so easy soldering. Maybe beg Vex to send you a replacement?

Or you could use a Y-cable to control more motors with less ports. Not ideal, but would take minimal effort.

Yes it can, on my two R2’s the casing is held on with four screws and isn’t hard to remove at all.

Try a solder sucker to see if you can pull the broken part of the pin out of the connector.

(Link is an example, you can get them cheaper lots of places and you may know someone that has one you can borrow for 11 seconds.


Or just a vacuum

This has happened to us before. Just get some needle nose pliers and pull it out. It shouldn’t be too hard.

or use twizzers

Yeah those work too.

Lol I’d just grab a soldering tool, solder a piece of wire or copper to the pin, then pull the pin out by the wire…

we broken one of our motors pins in a motor controller… rip
it was stuck in there, we have a scrimize that day