Pins falling out of Universal Joints

I was wondering if anyone else had a solution to the pins falling out of the Universal Joints from the Advanched Mechanics and Motion kits.
Our team was just messing around with them since we had a few sets and in every single one (we’re up to about 5 or so at this point) the pins have fallen out after a few minutes of use. It appears to be a consistent problem and I was wondering if any other teams had a good solution to this.

I have been experiencing the same problem. I had experimented with making an intake that could descore from any angle using them, but I couldn’t go 30 seconds without them falling out. It appears the reason they fall out is that the metal seems to bend a tiny bit, which I don’t know if there is any solid solution to that.

While I don’t know how elegant of a solution this is (or if it would work, I haven’t tired), but you could try glueing one side of the pin into the metal casing.

I’ve played with glue a little. What ended up happening was that it would just make the actual pivoting terrible until it got broken in, but when it got broken in the glue became useless and the pins fell right out again.