Pins Popping Off

We built the Original Clawbot following the directions. The pins in the claw and plates that hold the gears in place to allow the claw to move keep popping off when operating the robot.Please advise.

Hi Mrs. B -

The Clawbot IQ is intended to be an introductory experience for students to learn how to operate the VEX IQ platform. It’s useful for demonstrating things like proper wheel stabilization, pressing on gears, how to wire the Robot Brain, etc. However, as you’ve noticed, it does leave some room for a teaching moment on iterative design. “This works, but what can we do to make it better?”

One solution to improving claw stability was posted by Eli in the thread below. Let us know if this is what you were referring to and if it helps!

That makes sense. Thanks, just wanted to make sure we were doing this correctly. Meanwhile, the students fixed the problem on their own with some redesigning! :smiley: