pir motion sensor as limit switch.

Im trying to use a pir motion detector as a limit switch. My goal to turn servo number 2 when motion is detected and go clockwise when limit switch is pressed. I have the servo connected on port 2 as the manual states and my limit switch on sensor port 12 with the pir on 11. And the jumper on 13. The problem is that the motor will spin freely until the limit switch is pressed in which it goes clockwise.

If i replace the pir with a limit switch it works correctly. Motor spin free when released and cc when second switch is pressed.

From what I read the pir works as a off with no motion and and an on for motion. I searched the forums with no real luck. Any help would be appreciative.

@ PIR Sensor
From radio shack
PIC Micro controller v.5.

The PIR sensor works inversely to a limit switch. The switch when open allows the digital input to be pulled high to 5V, when the switch is closed the input is connected to 0V. The PIR sensor will output 0V when no motion is detected and 5V when it is, this is inverse logic to the switch if I understand what you are trying to do. Have you considered writing your own program for the PIC?