Piston/Cylinder amount?

Hello :3, our team just got into pneumatics, but in the game manual, it doesn’t really state how much pistons/cylinders we are allowed to use. We just want to know how much pistons are allowed, since our design might use multiple pistons.

Check the manual again. It says in there how many air reservoirs you are allowed and to what PSI they may be pressurized to. There is no limit to the amount of air cylinders you may use, although at some point you may feel that using more may be more harmful to your design. Refer to rule R17.


Technically, you are allowed to have one piston in each of your air cylinders. To put more than one piston in the air cylinder would be both impractical and illegal since you are not allowed to modify your air cylinders.

The previous response though, is correct, in that there is no limit to the number of air cylinders you may use on your robot, the only limit is the number of reservoirs.