Piston Extension

My team is having trouble with having a piston go up enough. In other words, even though the piston works fine and retracts at the maximum, we still need it to retract more. Are there any solutions to this? (The maximum length when the piston is extended is perfect for its use so we can’t just move the piston up.)

If I’m understanding you right, you would have to modify the chamber inside the piston, which I believe would be illegal. You could, however, move the piston higher so it won’t have a need to extend further.

@The Pioneers Sorry, I added some more information in parentheses.

Its fine, but can you please post a picture of the mechanism?

@The Pioneers

You could put a second piston on top, but you cant change the stoke length of the “piston.” To get a larger range out of a single piston you’ll need to use some form of intermediate lever to increase resulting motion. Seems like the game designers didn’t want to make it too easy to clear the larger pipe.

@reflxshn Intermediate levers as in a mini 4 bar, I.E. Antichamber’s mobile goal intake: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAnnk_fxan0 ?

or something simple like this…

If you decide to use a mechanism like this, putting the piston closer to the fulcrum will make the lever go higher, but will sacrifice torque.

Agreed. Elastics can be used to compensate… Is there a mechanism that would increase the distance of the load moved without losing torque?

Another piston.

You could still use one piston but move it to the other side of the fulcrum so that when the piston extends the lever goes up. This is because the piston extension is much stronger than the retraction.

Our team has built a mini 4 bar that has the potential to pick up and lift up the mobile goal. However, because any hole on the four bar does not move in a straight line, and instead moves in an arc. This makes it so that there are troubles attaching the piston which goes in a straight line. Any ideas as to how to solve this?

Make it so the piston can rotate on both points of attachment.