Piston Fitting

Hey, i was working on my bot and i noticed i had less piston fittings (the golden bits that connect the tube to the piston) . So i tried to buy some online but had no luck with it. Do you guys happen to know where i could buy some pistion fittings?

Here you go :slight_smile:

Here’s another source for pneumatic cylinder fittings. You have to pay shipping, though. http://www.radwell.com/en-US/Buy/SMC/SMC/KQ2S04-M5

Air cylinders, too: http://www.radwell.com/en-US/Buy/SMC/SMC/NCJ2D10-200

And reservoirs : http://www.radwell.com/en-US/Buy/SMC/SMC/US14227S0400

Thank you @kmmohn and @Joseph W(182 C)