Piston Mounting Hardware Replacement

When purchasing our Pneumatics kit, we never received the U brackets that attach to the end of the piston.
Is there a generic bracket that we can get through a 3-rd party? Or do we have to contact VEX. Maybe @Karthik can help?

Alternatively if we have to wait for it does anyone have a step file for the part? So we can temporarily 3d-print. I can’t find the step file on vexrobotics.com for either of the mounting brackets.

The brackets are custom, so only VEX has them and doesn’t sell them separately. :frowning: If your kit was missing them, contact VEX.

For most application, you don’t really need the brackets anyways, as you can just as well mount the cylinder to existing structure in the robot or bend a bracket out of metal or plastic.

Thanks for that. I might give VEX support a call

The mounting hardware pieces are available individually on Robot Mesh. Here is the Cylinder Mount and Cylinder Rod Pivot.

Here is the STEP file for the Cylinder Mount and Cylinder Rod Pivot (somehow, their titles were flipped, which makes things a bit confusing).

Ah thanks for that. I will sort that out soon