Piston vs Motor Claw

My team is considering switching our claw design to piston power but other than the speed benefit we aren’t why we should switch. Which is better in terms of pros and cons on each side?

It depends completely one how the are implemented an how your driver/s use the claw. A motor claw allows for a swing grab(can be used by more experienced and practiced drivers) and if built properly it can be extremely efficient. A piston claw uses less code and has no burn out issues, and closes instantly. A motor claw allows you to hit stars off the fence more efficiently and effectively than a piston claw. A piston claw has to flip down and a motor claw can fold back or flip down. For an efficient and effective motor claw the code is much more intense. It is just dependent on what you want.

The piston claw is lighter weight on the arm than the motor claw. This allows the arm the ability to pick up more stars. Though pistons can run out of air, which is a big problem.

Pneumatic cylinders don’t overheat like motors, especially if the motors must be held (and stalled) to keep the claw closed.

If you only use pneumatics for the claw you should get over 40 actuations, which is more than enough. We end each match with around 60 psi, and our claw is effective up until 20 psi. If you eliminate all leaks this isn’t really an issue.

They do not burn out if you have the right type of design. Never had a burn out issue on the claw ever. The problem with pneumatics claw is that if a star get stuck or somehow you robot is caught onto another robot you only have two thing you can do Extend or Retract. However on the motor claw you have more control over so its is easy to untangle.

“extend” “retract”
The nice thing about pneumatics is that it give you other options, like using pneumatics for a hang lock or transmission or something.

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Also if you build you’re motor claw right you can open up much wider, and that could be helpful when you’re collecting stars in a match.