Can you Y-split a digital signal for a piston?

It would be easier just to use a T-fitting on the output of the solenoid valve to actuatue two pneumatic cylinders at the same time. Individual parts, like additional cylinders and fittings can be purchased from suppliers like Robosource.

yes, but you would save air if you used two solonoids with one input on each

You use less air with the T-fitting, but you get less power per piston.

No, force on both cylinders would be the same, based on the regulated pressure, but it may take slightly longer to actuate them because of the flow restriction of the solenoid. The amount of air used (beyond what it take for actuation) is based on the amount tubing between the solenoid and cylinder.

I thought the solenoid regulates how much air is passed to the pistons regardless of the tubing between the solenoid and the piston.

Robotmesh.com is where you’d want to look for individual pneumatic components. :slight_smile: We only have tubing.

That’s what I meant…they both start with “robo” … old age memory loss is a bummer…