Pit Areas for Divisions

In another Forum posting and in other locations, information seems to indicate that HS teams from the same organization will be in adjacent pit spaces like last year. However the following is stated in the latest version of the World Championship Q&A:

Q: Will all the pits be in one space?
A: The team pits will be in Halls A, B, and C of the ACC. The Halls are connected and the pits will be organized by division.

Given that the Q&A also states that teams from the same organization will be split across divisions, the information in the Q&A seems to indicate that teams from the same organization will be in different areas of the Convention Center, based on their division assignment.

What is the correct information? We had planned on having HS teams from our group together in the pits, but in different divisions, and we packed and shipped equipment, tools and parts for that scenario (being able to share in a common space). This also presents challenges for coaches who have responsibility for multiple teams that could be located in different areas of the Convention Center.

Hi RECF staff. I know you are all extremely busy getting ready for WC and i hope preparations are going well for you. Could we get an answer on this? We shipped equipment assuming our HS teams would be next to each other in the pits. If teams will be divided by divisions I need to pack some additional items for my travel to Anaheim.

Thank you!

Thanks for the question and we apologize for any confusion caused previously. All teams in the High School competition will be placed in pits that are in numerical order by team number. All Middle School teams will be placed in pit areas by team number. In summary, all HS Competition (all five divisions) teams are together, all MS Competition (both divisions) teams are together, and all College teams are together. Within their respective pit areas, pit spaces have been assigned numerically. We cannot promise that individual teams will be placed next to one another because of breaks in the aisle. I hope that this answer helps. Good luck at the event!


Thank you!