Pit Locations

Does anyone know exactly when the pit locations will be released for Worlds? There’s no urgency, I’m just wondering.

I believe in the past there hasn’t been any way to know pit locations until actually being on site.

Pits will be organized into Middle School Division, High School Division, and VEXU. With each, the teams will be ordered sequentially team number or alphabetically for VEXU. Teams from the same organization will be spit into different competing division (Spirit & Opportunity for MS, STREAM for HS, and Innovation & Research for VEXU).

On the venue map there are big clusters that are numbered. Nothing has been specifically mentioned yet as to their meaning, but I suspect it will be a useful reference when you are giving directions, e.g., “my pit is located in are 4, third row…”

Organizations with teams split into MS, HS, or VEXU can not move their pits around to be together.

It’s like checking in at a regular comp. You check in and you get told whereabouts is your pit based off your team number/division if I’m not mistaken

Just to be clear, two teams with the same team numbers (i.e.536C and 536E competing in High School ) in Middle School) will be pitted next to each other regardless of the High School Division that they are in. An organization that uses the same team number for both its Middle School teams and its High School teams, such as 1200A in High School and 1200K in Middle School will NOT be pitted together.

That is correct

Here is a link to the official map of pit locations: https://www.roboticseducation.org/documents/2018/04/vex-worlds-pit-maps-vrc-vex-u.pdf

Why is it that the highlighted section in the photo attached is the only section that is not numbered correctly?

Oops. This was an error with the way that the PDF map was generated, the actual pit locations were not affected. This has been rectified and a new one will be uploaded soon, hopefully tomorrow. We’re excited to be able to share these pit maps with teams earlier than we ever have before, and appreciate your patience with the first revision!
VRC Pit Map Revision.PNG

Thanks Grant!

Indeed, having the pit map was a huge surprise and venue map was early too! I think other surprise was having match schedules last week! Can you add the Pit Map to the RECF guidebook?

In the future, can you see about using less solid back ground colors on the maps? A lot of us old geezers still print out and it eats up ink! Nice change this year was having a white background for the venue map compared to last year.

Also, on RECF guidebook blue text on grey background is just cruel :slight_smile: You need a high contrast for us visually challenged people.

Thanks for all the wonderful things you guys do! See you at Worlds!

I would have to say, the REC Foundation has really done an amazing job so far in planning and communication for Worlds. Getting us information like the Schedules, Pit Maps, etc has been great for planning. Especially when it comes to preparing students and parents who are going for the first time.

An amazing job so far, keep it rolling…