Pit organisation at VEX Worlds

How are pits organised at VEX Worlds this year?

On the FAQ, it states “Teams should also realize that pit locations are organized by
both team numbers and by Division.”

Does this mean that teams 3116A, 3116C, 3117 etc. will all be next to each other, or that 3116C, 3260 and 3701 will be next to each other, since they are all in sequential order in Research division (provisionally)?

If it is the second one, I’m guessing 3116A and 3116C wouldn’t have neighbouring pits?

Thanks for asking. The pits are laid out, and pit assignments are made, in the exact same manner as in past years. Using your example, teams 3116A, 3116C, 3117 would be next to one another, as long as they are all VRC High School teams. I hope that this clears up an confusion.