Pit rules

Is there a limit on how many people from the team are allowed in the pit? Also, are people in the pit area allowed to wear just any safety goggles or do these have to be specially approved?

If you ask your questions in the Official Q & A you’ll probably get a faster answer.

Not sure about the pit numbers but with the number of teams at World’s I would say it would likely be < 10 and probably a bit lower.

But the safety glasses are mentioned in the game manual.
It doesn’t say the ISO standard required but it does say they must have side shields to prevent stuff getting to your eye from the sides.

Safety glasses we got from Bunnings(?) are rated for medium impact as described in the standard AS/NZs1337.6 . This standard should be fine for Vex.

Hope this helps.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen an actual limit imposed on the number of people in your pit. However keep in mind that you will most likely only have a 10x10 pit. In order for anyone to be able to work in the pit you probably want to keep 5 or less people in there at one time. Otherwise it starts to get crowded and no one can work.