Pit Setup at Worlds

One of our teams are heading to worlds, and I was wondering how the pits were set up. I kept seeing pictures and videos of these small booths, but I also have seen people bring entire fields to Worlds. I also have a few other questions.
How big are the pits?
What’s already there? (Backdrop? Close Power Outlets? Tables?)
When do you move out of the pits? (The awards ceremony and final pit closing time are concurrent)
How essential is using Fern Exposition? How do you even fill out an order with them? What is their process? We aren’t going to ship with them, but how well does it usually go?
What else should we know about the pits?

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Assuming no major changes are planned for this year, many of your questions are answered in the VEX Worlds 2018 Team FAQ.

An updated FAQ for this year will probably be made available and linked on RobotEvents soon.


As far as bringing a field to practice or scrimmage or something, I’ve heard of sister teams combining pits, and using a couple of pits for the field, and then the remaining one for work space. They also had a large display if they had the space left over. Many teams learn to work int he small local event spaces, and Worlds has rather large pit spaces instead of half of a folding table per team.

If you bring a full field you could try to get a pit next to you to share space for exchange of the field use, we always brought half a field to worlds


@224x is right, most of the time when we’ve brought a field we end our neighbor is also interested in sharing their space for access to the field.

Having a field in the pit is great. Students find it much easier to be available for judges and it seems much easier to coordinate practice with partners.

Definitely a perk of being within driving distance to Worlds in being able to bring a field.

The pit is 10’ x 10’ for each team with a single 6 ft by 2.5 ft table. Everyone gets a single outlet and trash can.


Do we need to bring our own chairs?

No, you don’t need to.
They don’t provide a lot though so it would probably be a good idea to.


Only 2 chairs per pit.

If you setup an entire field, 2 feet of the field would be sticking out. Would this be a big problem?(we would share space with our sister team).

2 feet is not a big deal, the aisles tend to be pretty big

A word of caution - if you plan on shooting balls in your pit, make sure the trajectory is such that no one can get hit.


The VEX Worlds Team Update email from earlier today is asking that teams setup a partial field no larger than 8x8:

Please Note: Teams will have access to a 10x10 pit space. Due to space constraints and safety concerns, VEX Robotics Competition and VEX U teams will only be permitted to setup a partial field no larger than 8x8 in size and it may not extend outside of their designated pit space.

From the 2019 VEX Worlds FAQ, it sounds like the change is coming from the Fire Marshal:

Q. Can my team have anything outside of their allotted pit area?
A. No, for the safety of everyone at the event, teams are not permitted to have any
items outside of their 10’x10’ pit area per the Fire Marshall.


Is there a way to get previous Worlds emails? We registered for Worlds this past week so I’m thinking we may have missed out on a lot of info sent out already.

That’s a really good question and point. I can tell from the emails that they use MailChimp. We also use that for our local Robotics Emails and it generates a dedicated link for each email, making it easier to share with parents, etc.


I wonder if it’s a matter of changing a setting on the Campaigns they send out.

Make sure this year instead of bringing a full field you bring maybe i flag pole and a low post and a high post