Pitching In Flingapult?

For the 2012 FRC game, the TechnoKats, led by legendary Mark Koors, created a system for launching squishy objects called the Flingapult. This design was borrowed by both CyberTooth and the Digital Goats that year, to great successes.
Have any VIQC teams tried a similar design for Pitching In? Depending on how it is constructed and implemented, it could potentially be self-loading, articulating, and useful for hanging.


Do you have any pictures or some videos, cause I am not similar with 2012 FRC games?

Here’s a link to their 2012 season (and some pictures and videos):

And here’s a link to a playlist of some of their matches:

And here’s the link to the CAD file of their robot:


I don’t think people using this way to launch balls. If I could get a closer look probably I can make a connection.