Pitching In Flywheel one motor

Has anyone had luck with making a flywheel motored by one motor? We have our compound geared as high as we can but it still won’t launch balls into high goal. Anyone willing to help?

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Is the flywheel a one side flywheel or a double sided flywheel? By this I mean one or two spinning sides

If you are using a dual flywheel setup, you can check out our robot reveal. We used one motor on a 15:1 compound gear ratio, and if you pause around 1:12 into the video, you can get a good look at the gear ratio.

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Your video is the one that inspired on of our teams to try dual flywheel with one motor. Did you increase the velocity? This is one of my first year teams so they are still new to programming remote.

Dual with one motor and they have not programmed the remote yet.

For a two wheel flywheel, I would have a 15:1 compound gear ratio like @94568 said, and also have a program that spins up the motors (50%-75%-100%) instead of having them be set to 100% instantly

I have 15:1 ratio but don’t know how to progressively increase velocity.

Read through this