Pitching In Livestream!

We had an elementary team get 24 points in programming with Fling. 4 in the low goal, 2 cleared corrals, and a low hang.

We will start teamwork matches after lunch at about 1.


Wow, this is my first comp this season that I am watching, good luck to all the kids!!!


That was such an interesting programming skills strategy. Kudos to the kiddos who came up with that!!! Interesting to see what they prioritized


I had to check the rules again after I saw it, but I think it’s legal. Just gather them all up and reset!


Match Playlist

This is a playlist of the matches.

We had a few problems across the board, but we did it and will try again next week!


Summer Camp is done!

The last playlist is here:

You can find the rest of the camp videos in my channel. (I split the videos into matches and titles them with the number of points.)

The most surprising thing… A speedbot build with a few mods can really effectively score a lot of points and is a great partner to any bot. Very easy for new teams to build, modify and low hang.

We had a really good time with this game. We had one team high hang with a 4 bar. Took some tweaks but wasn’t too bad. Lots of different ways to play.


Love all the videos my team might watch it so we can get an idea of what might happen early on in the season

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Nice job. I was impressed by some of those scores. Thanks for videoing it.

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